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It was pretty good. Re-read this so I would be ready to read the rest of the series.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
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This book was just okay. Overhyped, but I don't regret reading it.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
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Love this series. Just the perfect amount of humor and mystery to keep me reading!


Review: The Nowhere Emporium by: Ross MacKenzie

The Nowhere Emporium (Kelpies) - Ross MacKenzie

A BIG thanks so Netgalley, more specifically Myrick Marketing and Media, LLC.


This book will be available for purchase on May 18, 2015


From the first page I was reminded of The Night Circus. In some ways the two books are very similar. In other ways The Nowhere Emporium is unique. I really loved the concept behind the Emporium.

     This book is about a young man who discovers the Nowhere Emporium by accident. He returns the next day much to the surprise of the proprietor, Lucien Silver. The boy becomes an apprentice for Silver and begins to learn the secrets of the Emporium, but Lucien Silver has secrets of his own. A very dire turn of events leaves the young boy searching for  a way to save the Emporium and those he loves the most.

     This book was very well written. The characters are all very detailed. The world-building within the Emporium is very in depth, very enthralling.

      I actually like the similarities between this book and The Night Circus, much to my surprise. The storyline between the two are similar. The details and characters do differ. While The Night Circus has much more obvious use of magic The Nowhere Emporium has a hint of magical mystery about it. The Nowhere Emporium is directed at a younger demographic as opposed to The Night Circus which is adult fiction. I will definitely be recommending this book! Thanks so much for reading!


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