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It was pretty good. Re-read this so I would be ready to read the rest of the series.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
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This book was just okay. Overhyped, but I don't regret reading it.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
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Love this series. Just the perfect amount of humor and mystery to keep me reading!


Library Haul #3

The Unusual Suspects - Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson The Neverending Story - Roswitha Quadflieg, Michael Ende, Ralph Manheim The Forsaken - Lisa M. Stasse Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine Asylum - Madeleine Roux Seraphina - Rachel Hartman Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy) by Taylor, Laini (2012) Paperback - Laini Taylor
— feeling excited

I Love doing these Hauls! They are so much fun! Lets dive right in! I got seven books this trip. The eleven books I grabbed last time were much to heavy to carry around. (By the time I got to the car I thought I pulled a muscle in my shoulder!)


*These are supposed to be in the order that I want to read them in but, somehow I never end up going in the correct order!*


The Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects by: Michael Buckley (Book 2 in the Sisters Grimm Series.


The Neverending Story by: Michael Ende (I feel like this is a classic and I haven't read it yet, so here goes!)


The Forsaken by: Lisa M Stasse (This is a re-read for me! Fun Fact: This is the first Dystopian book I read. Other than the Giver...So I guess it is my second ever Dystopian read!)


Ink and Bone by: Rachel Caine (This looks really good!!)


Asylum by: Madeleine Roux (This book look slightly frightening...I don't know if I am gonna like this but, I am putting my trust in my librarians who suggested this!)


Seraphina by: Rachel Hartman (A dragon book...the last dragon book I read didn't go over well. Eon by: Alison Goodman, I didn't like it.)


Daughter of Smoke and Bone by: Laini Taylor (My sister loved this series so I thought I would give it a try!)


Ladies and Gentleman that is the end of my library haul!


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The Discovery of the Titanic by: Dr. Robert Ballard 

Doon by: Carey Corp

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